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I and my colleagues at HKBN just attended Lorenz's Scrum Master Training. We found the training was very useful in learning the new methodology and insightful. It certainly helped us to re-engineer the existing software development process. I would recommend anyone who is interested in Agile development to attend his course.

— Stephen Lui —
Associate Director &  Co-Owner of HKBN


Lorenz is an experience scrum trainer and also strong in scrum implementation. He helps to build up the Scrum team in Cathay Airway and lead many key projects to deliver successfully. He also trained over 100 developers of my developer team and make them practical in using Scrum methodology.

— Kenny Mak —
Senior Director at Automated Systems (HK) Limited

I have known Lorenz for more than a decade. He is a smart one who always looks for improvement and never settles. With his fruitful development experience, he is a great Scrum trainer.

During the course, he explained clearly the core concept of Scrum, what makes it work and fail. Also, he demonstrated how a Scrum Master should work by doing group exercises and leading our discussions. More than being a good Scrum Master, he also taught us how to deal with other parties, like business users and senior management.

I have to say this course is super useful, as it cleared most of my questions/concerns of using Scrum in my company. Most importantly, I had a 360 degree view of Scrum, not only from developer team aspect but also from the business and management side. It totally changed my mindset of how a project should be managed comparing to Waterfall Methodology.

Also I met some great classmate and had a chance to understand how Scrum runs in other environments.

I highly recommend anyone who would like to learn Scrum or wants to be a Scrum Master to attend Lorenz's training class. By the way, he provides a great after service support by answering lots of my stupid questions.

— Dexter Wong —
Business Application Manager at West Kowloon Cultural District authority

Lorenz's ScrumMaster and Product Owner courses are exceptional. He has lots of agile working experience on real world projects. He knew how to make it works. And he understand our pain points and able to give us good advices, which are exactly what we need.  I strongly recommend anyone who are transforming there team to run agile taking both ScrumMaster and Product Owner courses, those who are currently Product Manager or Project Manager to take the Product Owner course.

— Henry Tang —
Vice President at Morgan Stanley

I can strongly recommend Lorenz and his Scrum training for getting certified and implementing Scrum in your company. He has walked his talk with award-winning digital projects implemented in Scrum. He uses real life stories and a participative teaching style that models the proper use of scrum which is easy to understand. Interested in Scrum? See Lorenz first!

— Philip Pun —
Project Manager at British Telecom


I attended Lorenz's Professional Scrum Master course and was very impressed with both his knowledge and his very effective skills as facilitator/teacher. I can happily recommend both the course and Lorenz for any organisation or individual taking the Agile journey.

— Kathryn Morrison —
AVP Delivery Operations at PCCW Solutions

Lorenz is one of the most interesting Scrum Masters I have ever talked to. He has so much experience and has worked in so many heterogeneous environments that he has an answer for every question you might ever have as Scrum Master.

Furthermore, he is very empathetic and can teach in a very pedagogical way, which makes him the perfect coach.

I definitely recommend him for any Agile coaching or Agile role you might want to fulfill.

—Jose Francisco Mingorance-Puga—
Telecommunications Engineer at Argus Data insights Schweiz AG

Lorenz is a professional scrum trainer! I like the training workshop/exercise the most at it helped me to recall what I learnt from the training easily and passed the exam just by memory!!

— Tammie Kwok —
Scrum Master at jobsdb

Lorenz is a very experienced Professional Scrum Trainer. His classes are marvelous, and he shows his in-depth knowledge to the class with excellent teaching skills. I benefited a lot from the course, as it brought value and is helpful to my work. I strongly recommend him to all agile practitioners.

— Ken Kwan —
Agile Coach at Cathay Pacific

Lorenz is an enthusiast about Agile software development. He is an seasoned Scrum Master, as well as Agile coach.

He is always able to provide insight and creative way to help to solve problems. Guiding the Scrum team member to participate in Scrum in a correct manner.

— Lunar Au —
Application Developer at JPMorgan Chase & Co.